Viva La Food Tech!

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The world we live in now sees new inventions, both tech and non-tech, every day. But as this article will try to show you, sometimes technological innovation doesn’t have to mean the new iPhone or a pair of VR goggles. Sometimes, inventions that shake our lives up are simple ones that transform our quotidian lives. Below, we’ll discuss just some of the new tech that is transforming the most essential room in your house…the kitchen!

The Automatic Stirrer

This gadget does exactly what it says on the tin – it stirs food without any human assistance. Aimed at recipes with insanely long cooking times, all you have to do is set a timer and it will stir while you preoccupy with the more important tasks.

Smart Scale

With the help of accompanying Recipe App, you would receive helpful cooking advice for different recipes. For example, in case you don’t have the necessary ingredient or don’t have the right amount of the right ingredient, the software will be able to tell you the possible alternatives.   

The scales and the app, made by Drop, work in tandem to help you cook your favourite recipes effortlessly.

Smart Blender

In a similar fashion to the Smart Scale, this blender is connected to an accompanying app that will record your food preferences, allergies, and nutritional goals. The app will formulate recipes and then the blender will be able to produce, for example, a smoothie in accordance with your taste and caloric needs. With over 100 recipes to choose from, the Smart Blender can help you measure the ingredients and caloric intake all from the tip of your fingers. 

Smart Bin

This smart bin, or GeniCan, is a small gadget that will stick to your bin and scan all the objects you throw away. Not only that, but the GeniCan will record what you’ve thrown away and add it to your shopping list for the next time! And if the object you threw away doesn’t have a bar code, you could simply tell the GeniScan what the object was through voice command.

Smart Pan

This pan by Cue Smart uses special sensors and panels, all connected to your phone, to tell you exactly how to cook a certain type of food. By telling you what ingredients to use, how long to cook for, and the heat needed to apply to your food, you could end up with the perfect cook.

Smart Fridge

Imagine a scenario in which you are at a grocery store and you forget what you have in your fridge. Or, for example, you open your fridge and find that there isn’t anything there. With the Samsung 4-Door Refrigerator, equipped with a voice assistant and a built-in tablet screen, you would be able to wirelessly check what is in your fridge, be able to order food online using the built-in tablet, and post virtual memos.

Smart Scanner

Considered to be the world’s first consumer food censor, the smart scanner, or Tellespecs, is a kitchen appliance that can recognise calories, macronutrients, and allergens. Ideal for those suffering from diabetes, this Food Sensor can also detect nutritional information such as the glycaemic index and fibre levels in food.

Smart Tracker

A company called FoodMarble recently designed a piece of kitchen equipment that could act as a personalised nutritional tracker. By breathing into the device, it could measure the level of hydrogen and other molecules in your body. As soon as the data is processed, the smart tracker will be able to recommend possible nutritional alternatives for a healthier and more balanced diet. 

Bottom Line

While the world is truly is an innovative place with enjoyable new tech being released more often than ever, it is important to recognise that living a healthy life is something that should also remain constant. So why not enjoy both? Why not enjoy the new tech on offer while getting healthier at the same time?   

And this is what this fun little article is meant to be about. By no means are we telling you that you should purchase all these items immediately or that they will revolutionise your life (although the GeniCan could potentially do that). But having even one of these gadgets will not only reignite your childhood passions for cool toys but it would also incentivise you to enjoy your perfectly cooked meals and allow you to take your first steps towards a healthier lifestyle.