One color, two flavors, endless possibilities: Experts announced food trends of 2021

Elena Vardanian
3 min read

World’s largest privately-owned fragrance and taste company Firmenich announced not one but two flavors of 2021 — Ginger and Yuzu. “Both ginger and yuzu become very popular over the last two years and each of them, in their own right, is symbolic of the consumer’s desire for a sense of normalcy and healing”, says Mikel Cirkus, Global Creative Director, Foresight & Trenz at Firmenich (1). 

Ginger was popular in the winter season as a hot drink but this time right after pandemic people started craving it everywhere including soups, ice creams, and sweeteners. Cleary, ginger as a super root and a symbol of strength, will boost our immune system and revive our emotions again as it did over the centuries. What a blast from the past!

Yuzu is a new superhero in disguise. Lemon-like appearance hides a strong yet charming fragrance hitting you with a high dose of vitamin C and antioxidants. Growing it’s popularity from the niche in most markets, yuzu has more than doubled in its use in innovations over the past 5 years. Asian nations known for their love to the specific category of flavor called umami have been using yuzu in beverages and confectionery. However, lately it has been showing up across categories, particularly in savory meal roles, where it adds excitement and differentiation. Japan even put this super-fruit in the middle of traditional Kaiseki haute cuisine.   

The other trend is red color, which was named the color of the year by Exberry (GNT Group), the leading brand of Coloring Foods for the food and beverage industry. Red is ready to take the F&B industry’s stage already cornering beauty and fashion markets by exuding a cloud of attention and passion together with stimulating hunger. It is believed to awaken desire for discovery and to help signal the start of a new era as the world is hit by COVID-19 pandemic.

“Vivid reds can create a really powerful effect in applications like seasonal confectionery launches, ‘meaty’ plant-based products and beverages with flavors such as cranberry or hibiscus,” says Lorraine Jansen, content marketing specialist at GNT Group (2).