Urban gardening can play the role of “ecological medicine” — study

Valeria Vlasova
1 min read

Besides many benefits of urban agriculture, recent events turned public attention to in-home practices of urban farming. For many people around the world home gardening has become an important part of green space to deal with the dual pressure of lockdown policies and mental health needs (1). Spending time in a home garden – it doesn’t matter in a balcony or courtyard – involves physical activities, which can promote physical strength, general health and flexibility, and additionally, provide mental health benefits.

One of the latest studies of physical and mental health effects of a home garden used among older adults in Scotland during the COVID-19 pandemic suggested that a home garden had positive benefits on subjective well-being, including physical and mental health (2).

Some studies named home gardening a potential health resource that can play the role of so-called “ecological medicine” during the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, it has been proved to improve mental health through restoring capacities, which means attention restoration, stress recovery, decrease in depression and anxiety symptoms, and increasing physical activity (1).