Smart and easy: Technologies that do gardening work for you

Valeria Vlasova
3 min read

The development of indoor garden and farming technologies is following the growing demand, so with increasing automation, decreasing cost of capital and improving market conditions lie ahead. The indoor farming technology market was valued at $23 billion in 2016, and is projected to reach $ 40.25 billion by 2022 (with a robust CAGR of 9.65%). The current market value of crops grown in greenhouses worldwide is approximately $300 billion (1).

We found some interesting companies that meet the demand for urban agriculture and provide citizens with hi-tech indoor gardening tools.

Click & Grow
The Smart Garden planters by Click & Grow offers some of the best cutting-edge technology for growing up to nine plants at any given time. The kit includes pre-seeded biodegradable pods with Smart Soil technology which was inspired by NASA technologies (2). There are 5 types of indoor gardens to meet consumers’ needs. You can choose from over 60 varieties of herbs, leafy greens, fruits and flowers, mix them or grow anything you want in seedless pods. Just add some water and plug it in to activate your self-sustaining garden!
Lettuce Grow
The Farmstand by Lettuce Grow is a self-watering and self-fertilizing hydroponic system, which grows plants in nutrient enriched water without soil. It’s by no means an inexpensive investment (started with $348), but it’s also one of the most eco-friendly setups you can install – a vase-like form is made from ocean-bound plastic and uses 95% less water than traditional gardening (3).

The capacity of the system is from 12 to 36 non-GMO plants. The brand suggests adding water to the reservoir, adding nutrients and testing and adjusting the pH levels once a week.
Back to the roots
Back to the roots is another fun grow-at-home option is a mushroom kit. Just mist the organic soil infused with mushroom spawn, and you’ll have your own umami-packed caps and stems in a few days. Each crop produces three to four servings of mushrooms, and the same kit could be used for two crops (4). Such kits are great for growing Shiitake and Oyster mushrooms for your dishes.
Plant Nanny
The Plant Nanny presents a Recycle a Plastic Bottle Stake Set – a tool that helps indoor and outdoor gardeners to water their plants in a more sustainable way. Just fill an old plastic water bottle and insert it upside down into the stakes. These watering stakes use gravity to drip water directly into your plant’s roots, and, as the soil dries, it breaks the pressure lock created which then releases more water into the soil without overwatering (4). Such stakes are used outdoors too, for example, by Brooklyn Rooftop Botanicals in their rooftop gardens in Brooklyn.