British startup Enough to build the world’s largest mycoprotein facility

Valeria Vlasova
1 min read

British food-tech company Enough has broken new ground on the construction of its mycoprotein factory, targeted as the world’s largest non-animal protein farm to be built in 2022. Their mycoprotein called ABUNDA is produced by fermenting fungi using renewable feedstocks.

To provide needed feedstocks, the company’s 15,000 square meter facility will be co-located alongside the Cargill facility in Sas van Gent in the Netherlands. The location and collaboration with Cargill will ensure the most efficient feed source, as well as supporting zero-waste advantages of Enough’s product. The flagship facility has already received €16.9 million (US$19.8 million) funding.

The factory will have an initial capacity to produce 10,000 metric tons of mycoprotein per annum, the equivalent of more than five cow’s worth of protein every hour. With the received funding there are plans to extend beyond Europe with growth over 1 million metric tons by 2032.